Clarinettiste Canadien au Conservatoire de musique de Montréal. Over-enthusiastic about cookies, Brahms and warm weather.



You guys, I just don’t think I’m up to par on my knowledge of symphonic repertoire!
What do you think are some really important symphonies that I should listen to!!??

Like I just kind of listened to the symphonies on my iTunes for a long time and have finally started to branch out, but some direction would be good.
I’ve got a decent start and have covered all the Brahms, most of Beethoven (excluding 1, 2 and 8), Shosty 5+9, Mahler 1, 3, 5 and 9, Schumann 2, Rachmaninov 2, Dvorak 9, Tchaik 5, Saint-Saens 3.
(I’ve obviously listened to other symphonies before, but not enough or attentively enough to be familiar with them if someone were to talk about them!)

And that’s realistically a tiny amount of symphonies :P, but only being in orchestra a year and a half, I’ve only actually ever played two symphonies! (Schumann 2 and Brahms 1!)  
SO. Fire away those suggestions pwease.  

When you apply for a symphony job..

Do they cut people in the resume round based on where you went to school?!?

Oh god. Did I just realize this…?
I go to a tiny non-performance music school in Canada…I’M NOT GOING TO MAKE IT PAST ANY RESUME ROUND EVER. WHAT THE HELL. WHY HAS NO ONE TOLD ME THIS?  

Eating blueberries and rice, and organizing all of my audition repertoire for this year.
Awe yiss. Yay three concertos and orchestral excerpts.

Eating blueberries and rice, and organizing all of my audition repertoire for this year.

Awe yiss. Yay three concertos and orchestral excerpts.

Clarinet Things :3

I don’t think you all understand how excited I am about getting a new mouthpiece and possibly changing reeds. 

I think I’m switching out my B40lyre mouthpiece (that was refaced by Joaquin apparently) for a new M13lyre. It has a fuller sound and will be a lot better for solo stuff, and I think it has a lot of potential to improve my tone. The sound isn’t quite as delicate, but it is more consistent. :)

And I think I might actually switch over to Rico Classic reeds.. I got a bunch from the Brandon University Clarinet Festival and my teacher is a Rico Artist and says she prefers Rico’s a lot. And it’s summer, why not try and switch it up, because I don’t have a lot of playing commitment. :) Sounds funzies.


Francaix Wind Quintet

Holy sweet jesus. 
No one should be allowed to listen to this without following a score. I’m like gagging at how hard this looks.
Why did our quintet agree to do this one in the fall.
Francaix, Maslanka and Ibert. >.> Death. 

You know what would be hilarious?

A reality TV show with classical musicians.
Can you imagine?

"That bitch touched my reeds."
"Oh, you mean he THINKS he can play the Nielson Concerto."
"Ugh, she would play on a Yamaha."

Yup..I’d watch that.  

I finally am getting an A clarinet! :D

Mark Nuccio picked it out again because he picked out my Bb and I love it, so he said he’d get one to match it. :D

I just want to play Mozart and Stravinsky and orchestral excerpts rite nao.  


I haven’t gotten to practice since last Sunday because of National Youth Band and Brandon Clarinet Festival.
I’m dying of excitement…to play scales and long tones.
I am so cool.  

So much repertoire.

I’m so excited for next year, even though I’m probably going to die of too much to do.

I will be in Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Symphony Orchestra (probably playing principal clarinet in both), Wind Quintet and doing a chamber music project with a pianist and occasionally a floutist and cellist.

I am planning to have a woodwind recital at the end of October with two of my best friends and am planning to enter our university’s concerto competition as well as the Edmonton Youth Orchestra’s concerto competition!

I am also going to reaudition for National Youth Orchestra, Brevard and EMF. As well start auditioning for Aspen, Music Academy of the West and the other ones that are a bit out of my league, but to get my name out there. 

It’s going to be so ridiculous and exciting. Trying to build a skeleton or a few ideas of a repertoire list to do! :D
I’m definitely thinking Weber 1 for concerto comps :) Any suggestions for other pieces?  

Had my first performance jury ever, today!

Since I’ve never had lessons before or done any “formal” clarinet training this was the first time I’ve ever been like..tested on my clarinet playing. Other than auditions.

I felt like everything went really well! I was quite happy with the Brahms, and I performed the shit out of the Debussy, despite a few weak areas. :) I’m really proud of the work I’ve done, and I got a lot of suggestions from my jury (which happened to be four clarinetists and a trumpeter ahaha).

Four of them pointed out that my intonation wasn’t the greatest in the Brahms, I was a bit sharp on my entrances after rests, but I would bring it down right away. But I need to work on being in tune immediately.
And the only other notable comments were on some weird tempo things that I did in the Debussy, which I definitely should’ve sorted out.  

But I know I’ll get a mark that I’m happy with, and I’m really glad I performed two pieces that were really challenging for me. Rewarding overall experience. 


Why oh why are my tone and intonation so much better on my Debussy recording from the end of February than the one from yesterday.
Fml. Hurray for not improving.

I’m blaming my reed.  

Grieg Piano Concerto

I’ve learned to appreciate piano a lot more this year :)
This concerto just has so much character. I LOVE IT.  

Concerto Competition

So, I’m still trying to figure out concertos to do for the next three years! Because I have a compulsive need to plan.

Obviously Mozart is like a three year project and I’ll just slowly learn throughout my degree cause I need it to audition on everything ever. 

Next year I’m thinking either Weber 1 or Black Dog? I’ve heard it a few times, anyone vouch for how hard it actually is? I’ll talk to my teacher about it as well.
Edit: OR X Concerto - because someone mentioned this to me earlier too, and I think doing more modern rep would be cool :P any comments on this either?  

Third year I think I want to see if I can do Nielson on my junior recital. That’d make me so happy.

And fourth year I might venture into the world of Francaix and take a stab at his concerto! :D

Obviously I’ll be doing like a bunch of sonatas and other pieces each year, but I’m thinking for major pieces to learn. :)

Any feedback, clarinetists? 

Do you know what I’m totally infatuated by?

Oboes, oboists, and reeds. 
This is the weirdest thing ever. I JUST THINK THEY’RE SO COOL.

I think the sound of the is just intriguing and that making your own reeds is such a cool concept. (Though I’d never do it as a clarinet player. It would make my job so much more difficult!)

I’m thankful as fuck that I don’t play oboe, because all the things I dislike about clarinet, oboe is ten times worth. But I just think they’re crazy awesome, and so pretty. :3

Anyway. I’m a weirdo, I know.