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You guys, I just don’t think I’m up to par on my knowledge of symphonic repertoire!
What do you think are some really important symphonies that I should listen to!!??

Like I just kind of listened to the symphonies on my iTunes for a long time and have finally started to branch out, but some direction would be good.
I’ve got a decent start and have covered all the Brahms, most of Beethoven (excluding 1, 2 and 8), Shosty 5+9, Mahler 1, 3, 5 and 9, Schumann 2, Rachmaninov 2, Dvorak 9, Tchaik 5, Saint-Saens 3.
(I’ve obviously listened to other symphonies before, but not enough or attentively enough to be familiar with them if someone were to talk about them!)

And that’s realistically a tiny amount of symphonies :P, but only being in orchestra a year and a half, I’ve only actually ever played two symphonies! (Schumann 2 and Brahms 1!)  
SO. Fire away those suggestions pwease.  

Okay, some days the clarinet makes me want to throw myself off a bridge, but I’m not going to lie..out of all the orchestral wind instruments our repertoire is the freaking best. By far. I we play such an insanely cool, versatile instrument. 

I’m listening to a clarinet recital on Naxos with common pieces I haven’t gotten around to listening through yet (Sancan, Arnold, Martinu, etc) and it’s just so hilarious and cheeky, while managing to be romantic and lush, and then frantic and energized. Coolest solo repertoire ever.  

Hey guys, I feel like I’ve been lacking on the posting of anything musical lately!
So here is recording my quintet did back in May of Poulenc’s Sextet for Winds and Piano.
This is the third and final movement (the first is on my tumblr somewhere.)

I’d love responses and feedback! :) 

What do you guys do musically when you can’t practice?

So I pulled something in my shoulder trying to stretch the other day, and it’s becoming quite painful. It’s put stress on my whole left arm and left side of the neck, and my wrists are just tired and tense anyway, so I might take today as a physical recovery day.

I can picture myself being one of those musicians who burns out when they’re 21 and has to stop playing because they pushed themselves too hard. I really really don’t want that to happen..

But I get all anxious if I don’t practice much or if I’m not working towards my musical goals in some way?
SO What do you guys do that isn’t physically practicing? Like breathing exercises, mental practice? Fill me in! :D :D 


Members of the Boston Symphony brass section explain their warm-up routines. Hilarious. There are maybe some things you won’t get if you don’t know the basics of brass playing… but there are definitely some parts that are funny anyway.

All I can really say about this is… brass players will be brass players.

I’m so excited that as a musician, it is socially acceptable for me to be this immature forever. YAY. 

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Francaix Wind Quintet

Holy sweet jesus. 
No one should be allowed to listen to this without following a score. I’m like gagging at how hard this looks.
Why did our quintet agree to do this one in the fall.
Francaix, Maslanka and Ibert. >.> Death. 

You know what would be hilarious?

A reality TV show with classical musicians.
Can you imagine?

"That bitch touched my reeds."
"Oh, you mean he THINKS he can play the Nielson Concerto."
"Ugh, she would play on a Yamaha."

Yup..I’d watch that.  

The oboe tag is so much cooler than the clarinet tag.

I’m such a fanboy of instruments that are not my own. Double Reeds and Horn <3

Though I still love clarinet  :) 

Poulenc: Sextet For Piano & Wind Quintet - 1. Allegro Vivace

Avenue Quintet + Piano

Hey Guys!! Here is my quintet playing the Poulenc. It’s a crazy piece to put together and a total blast. Hope you enjoy. I appreciate feedback :) (Please excuse the little flub at the beginning) 

Recording Poulenc Sextet Today!

Our quintet and pianist are doing our recording today of the brilliant and terribly difficult Poulenc Sextet tonight! :D
This is the piece we’ve been working on for the last little while and we figured it would be a good idea to get a recording done. I’m super stoked.

I’ll upload a recording probably in a few days when I get it! :)