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Hey fellow musicians, help me out and watch part of my Copland Concerto video??

Hey guys! I am a finalist for an Alberta music scholarship through the Alberta Music Education Foundation, and they also have a “People’s Choice” category for their finalists.

It’s just kind of extra on top of the scholarship decision, but I wouldn’t mind the votes!
You can click the link, and I submitted an excerpt from the Copland Concerto, which you could watch if you wanted! :D

Thanks, Guys!  

Octave exercises always make me chuckle. #clarinet #etudes #instruments #music

Octave exercises always make me chuckle. #clarinet #etudes #instruments #music


My teacher and I just decided that my recital is going to be 100% French repertoire.
My life is literally perfect.

I need to pick one more tentative piece though! :)

Seriously, at least once a week I regret not knowing how to make an informed decision on what university to do my undergrad degree at.

I’m trying to pick classes to take for the last two years of my degree, that are interesting or relevant to what I want to do, and there are seriously almost no options.

I am not interested in electro-acoustic repertoire or composition (or not enough to take a senior level class in it) and I am not particularly interested in taking a research class in ethnomusicology either. 
There are no orchestral repertoire or orchestral studies classes, no classes that have anything to do with wind instruments (even our mandatory history classes were almost ENTIRELY opera based, with occasional piano literature). There are no pedagogy classes that are of a wind/orchestral focus (woodwind and brass technique are hardly bearable options) and there aren’t any more classes for study on music from the classical or romantic periods, and the modern era that aren’t electro-acoustic.. 

The only things relevant now are the second instrumental conducting class, which I will likely take, and I’m debating taking instrumentation and arranging, because I think it focusses on an orchestral context. 

I might also see if I can take Mus 485/487 which are composer studies or period studies, because I really really want to learn a lot more about French repertoire from 1800-now. 

I just kind of wish I actually had the knowledge on what you should consider to pick your school for music. Because this school is great for ethnomusicology or electro-acoustic composers or people interested in that area of music. And there are even piano and vocal literature classes, and I just feel like I’m going to have to take stupid classes to fill credits and it makes me sad. Oh well. I WILL MAKE AN EDUCATED DECISION WHEN I AUDITION FOR MY MASTERS DEGREE. I will, I will, I will.

Also if anyone knows anything about the Mus 485/487 classes, give me a shout, so I don’t have to sound like a derp when I email Gramit. 

I don’t even have the energy to write a whiny rant about practicing.

So here is a haiku instead:

Endless practice days

Frustrated tired pointless

What am I doing

I’m I just want to have accomplishable goals and not just “be good enough to get a job when the time comes.” Because that’s kind of what it boils down to. Ughuhguhg. 

my textbook said neoclassical and I teared up a bit because that shit is my life

Holy shit. Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto in Dmaj. What have I been missing out on?

I finally watched the video of myself playing Copland with the orchestra. I’m an awkward little fuck.
I sound okay, but someone please save me from every being on stage again. Dying.

Just me being a diva and playing Copland, closed eyes and all. 
It’s also hilarious how I only come up to our conductor’s shoulder.

Just me being a diva and playing Copland, closed eyes and all. 

It’s also hilarious how I only come up to our conductor’s shoulder.

Sorting through audition recordings..

I’ve picked a Stravinsky which I’m SUPER pleased with, and I actually got two GREAT recordings of. I also picked a Mozart which I’m so happy with how it turned out, it’s not dazzling, but that piece brought way too many tears to even be okay.

I’ve listened to Brahms and Mendelssohn all through, and now I have to choose between 4 recordings of the Brahms and 6 of the Mendelssohn. The Brahms wasn’t perfect and I’m super picky about that one, but I think in reality whichever I pick will be a strong performance.
And Mendelssohn..I actually got a few decent ones. I could fool someone into thinking I was decent at that excerpt, but man. I’m so terrible.

Then using my Debussy from last year. omg who am I. But whatever, I sound super fly.

I can’t believe David Shifrin is actually going to like. Hear me play, indirectly. That’s fucking ridiculous.