Clarinettiste Canadien au Conservatoire de musique de Montréal. Over-enthusiastic about cookies, Brahms and warm weather.


Sometimes it’s so silly looking, you just gotta wonder if it’s a freak editing error.

Sometimes it’s so silly looking, you just gotta wonder if it’s a freak editing error.

Currently feeling personally victimized by how little I enjoy the Saint-Saëns Oboe Sonata.
Why is it so bad? Why did he do this to me?

The most exciting thing going on in my life at this moment is listening to Burt Hara’s fucking magnificent, glowing, resonant tone.
Uggggghhhhhh perfect.

Super not feeling Daphnis and Chloé right now. E-flat clarinet life.

Super not feeling Daphnis and Chloé right now. E-flat clarinet life.

Played 130 times

So I spent three hours today recording a few excerpts for festival auditions. And after slaving away, I managed to get a decent recording of the clarinet excerpt for Stravinsky’s Firebird!

Let me know what you think! :)

God bless alternate fingerings for e flat clarinet. Literally saved me from the wrath of Mahler.

Sometimes I forget that reeds are inanimate objects and not actually little demons trying to ruin my life.

I got my first ever gig with a professional symphony today.. 

The personnel manager of the Edmonton Symphony emailed me and said my teacher gave him my contact info, and asked if I could play one of the masters series concerts in February. 

I’ll probably just play third clarinet on one piece but like..this is like whaT I WANT TO DO FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. CHRISTMAS MIRACLE. *ugly crying* 

Peter and the Wolf!

Clarinettists! Do you guys play the Prokofiev excerpt on B flat or A! I can’t decide which to do and my teacher told me I can choose whichever. Help!

My Grandpa just asked me in 100% seriousness, “Josh…have you heard of.. the ‘Mozart Clarinet Concerto?!’”

Practice sessions where I work on intonation literally always end in a rage or in tears. Or both.


You guys, I just don’t think I’m up to par on my knowledge of symphonic repertoire!
What do you think are some really important symphonies that I should listen to!!??

Like I just kind of listened to the symphonies on my iTunes for a long time and have finally started to branch out, but some direction would be good.
I’ve got a decent start and have covered all the Brahms, most of Beethoven (excluding 1, 2 and 8), Shosty 5+9, Mahler 1, 3, 5 and 9, Schumann 2, Rachmaninov 2, Dvorak 9, Tchaik 5, Saint-Saens 3.
(I’ve obviously listened to other symphonies before, but not enough or attentively enough to be familiar with them if someone were to talk about them!)

And that’s realistically a tiny amount of symphonies :P, but only being in orchestra a year and a half, I’ve only actually ever played two symphonies! (Schumann 2 and Brahms 1!)  
SO. Fire away those suggestions pwease.  

I’m watching Andreas Ottensamer’s promotional video for his album and I’m dying.

Also, when Copland Concerto started I *gay gasped* and then actually burst into tears. This is what it feels like to have a famous musician release an album and actually be excited about it. 

Fave Clarinetists

So in my 2 or so odd years of actually listening to clarinet recordings (horrible horrible high school Josh didn’t listen to clarinet music. WHY MAN WHY) I have chosen 5 clarinetists that I would say I am currently inspired by in my quest for tone development. Some of which I’ve only recently gotten into their playing.

Jon Manasse - Absolutely gorgeous sound. So smooth and rich and just utterly flawless. Like a bead of water. Sometimes his playing leaves me wanting more passion-wise, like in his Brahms Sonata recordings, but his lighter stuff is so charming and his Mozart is heavenly. Honestly the perfect sound. 

Ricardo Morales - The sweetest sound! One thing I strive for in my sound is this sort of sweetness and lightness and he definitely has it. I adore his Brahms Quintet and the Philadelphia recording of Bartok’s Concerto for Orchestra, the clarinet solos just draw you in with their sweetness and depth of sound. I like the fluttering and gentleness that he can achieve.

Alessandro Carbonare - Such a power house! He has a slightly brighter, more intense sound but his technique is totally flawless and accurate. He makes me want to listen to Weber, and I really really agree with a lot of his musical decisions, and his musicality seems so natural. He has an incredible amount of musical energy his sound just seems so focussed and full. 

Burt Hara - I haven’t heard a lot of his stuff, but for some reason his playing just makes me believe that he is a total sweetheart with a loveable personality. His playing is so intimate and really draws you in because he has something to say. He has a rich sound that has a sort of woodiness that makes it seem so earthy and natural. 

Mark Nuccio - Really intense sound and musical intention! I don’t try and aim exactly for his sound, but I appreciate his intensity and enjoy his musical ideas a lot! He’s the only one I’ve met and I loved him as a teacher and the things he had to say about music. Even though his sound gets on the bright/intense side sometimes for me I still enjoy it. 

I obviously love the playing of many other big name clarinetists, notably Sabine Meyer and Martin Frost, but Sabine has a gorgeous and in your face sound that I don’t think suits my playing much, and Frost’s musical decisions are sometimes questionable, unlike his flawless technique and sound. Any other must-listen to clarinetists that you guys really enjoy?? 

Finally got around to listening to Ricardo Morales play! His playing in his recording of Brahms quintet is divine. Such a sweet sound.

Does anyone know if he is actually ever at Juilliard with his students, or does he only come in once in a while???