Clarinettiste Canadien au Conservatoire de musique de Montréal. Over-enthusiastic about cookies, Brahms and warm weather.


When you apply for a symphony job..

Do they cut people in the resume round based on where you went to school?!?

Oh god. Did I just realize this…?
I go to a tiny non-performance music school in Canada…I’M NOT GOING TO MAKE IT PAST ANY RESUME ROUND EVER. WHAT THE HELL. WHY HAS NO ONE TOLD ME THIS?  

Just got hired at a music studio!

The thought of having my own little flute and clarinet studios is the cutest thing in the entire world.

The studio manager said she was confident that I’d have at least 6 students for the fall, potentially more :)

I’m so excited.

Went to Edmonton Pride Festival today.

Well..I had a lot of fun hanging out with Jack and Matt. :D unimpressed and a tad embarrassed. Definitely not any more “proud” after than I was before I went. 

Oh well, to each his own. There were good things about it too, just very trashy. 

I had such a good day.

I’m really happy, so many things just looked up today in my musical and personal life. :)

They didn’t actually fix my clarinet properly though, reseated the pad and the same problem happened after four hours of practice, so I’ll take it back later and get them to do it right.

But doesn’t ruin my great day.
Also - getting to see mum and get my A clarinet on Friday!

I also applied for a job. Boston Pizza at the mall! :) It’s a ten minute bus ride from Jack’s and I worked there for three years back home. I’m an adorable little server and tip money is freaking awesome. I feel like I’ll probably get this job XD. 

I’m am so excited to get season tickets for Edmonton Symphony in the fall.

omgurromgurrr. They’re playing so many awesome things all year!
A few highlights - Rite of Spring, Saint Saens Symphony No. 3 (with Canada’s largest concert organ!), Carnival of the Animals, American in Paris, Sibelius Symphony No. 2, Rhapsody in Blue, Barbers’s Adagio for Strings, omgomg.

AND a Russian Master’s Concerto and a joint concerto with Red Deer Symph doing John Williams pieces.

U GUISE. I love lyfe.