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Even when I have a large room, I practice myself right into the wall… #clarinet #practice

Even when I have a large room, I practice myself right into the wall… #clarinet #practice

I don’t even have the energy to write a whiny rant about practicing.

So here is a haiku instead:

Endless practice days

Frustrated tired pointless

What am I doing

I’m I just want to have accomplishable goals and not just “be good enough to get a job when the time comes.” Because that’s kind of what it boils down to. Ughuhguhg. 

What do you guys do musically when you can’t practice?

So I pulled something in my shoulder trying to stretch the other day, and it’s becoming quite painful. It’s put stress on my whole left arm and left side of the neck, and my wrists are just tired and tense anyway, so I might take today as a physical recovery day.

I can picture myself being one of those musicians who burns out when they’re 21 and has to stop playing because they pushed themselves too hard. I really really don’t want that to happen..

But I get all anxious if I don’t practice much or if I’m not working towards my musical goals in some way?
SO What do you guys do that isn’t physically practicing? Like breathing exercises, mental practice? Fill me in! :D :D 

Why am I listening to my practice recordings at 1am?

That is a great question. BUT. BUT. 
Awe yiss. Like sometimes I like to read through Bach Etudes for giggles, and I have this one recorded on May 2 and June 5. Omg. My tone, voicing and articulation (the three things I’ve been working on) have gotten a lot better.


But really. I’ve been practicing my butt off the last two weeks. Glad it’s paying off. 

I hate not being able to practice.

It’s like ..a physical, mental and emotional dependency. I only practiced 1.5 hours on Friday and the same yesterday. I don’t get to practice at all today and I’m so whiny, irritable and emotional.
I just want to practice :(
I think I have a problem..

My chops are so dead.

National Youth Band didn’t help because I didn’t get to practice - just rehearse for nine hours. And I hardly played at all for the four days I was at Brandon Clarinet Festival or the last few days of NYB. 

Now I can hardly play! >.>
Yesterday I managed to do three hours in one hour increments. Now I can only play for half an hour at a time without either biting so much or having my embouchure give out.  

worstttttt. I just want to practice. 

"dead" was a bad word. :P More like SO out of shape from not playing. I need to work up my muscle strength again. 


I haven’t gotten to practice since last Sunday because of National Youth Band and Brandon Clarinet Festival.
I’m dying of excitement…to play scales and long tones.
I am so cool.  

Oh herro. Jus sittin in bed. Sans pants ;)Also - How am I still alive. Practicing five (productive) hours a day is hard.  Alsoalso - I’m bored. Send me messages? :)  

Oh herro. Jus sittin in bed. Sans pants ;)

Also - How am I still alive. Practicing five (productive) hours a day is hard.  

Alsoalso - I’m bored. Send me messages? :)  

Sharp pain in ma wrist.

Welp. That’s enough practicing I guess for today. 3.5 hours will do, I suppose. 


I have to ice my lips because they are swollen from playing.I JUST WANT TO PRACTICE ALL THE TIME.  

I have to ice my lips because they are swollen from playing.

I should reeeeaaaallly practice again tonight.

I’m starting to panic. I have to record my etude, the Brahms, Spohr and Debussy on Tuesday.. THAT’S LIKE A WEEK HOLY CRAP.
I gave myself SO much to learn in 1.5-2 months, I’m totally nuts.
AND the three orchestral excerpts too! 

I just feel like I still have some ends to clean up on this music, and I’m freaked that I won’t get it done before then. And three hours a day for some reason is spent really quickly. I haven’t even played Brahms or Spohr today! Eeeeep. Oh gawd.

Okay..maybe I’ll do half an hour more.  


Man. I’m so so relieved that reading week is here. I thought I was going to actually die. Though, this week was absolutely wonderful. I think it was one of the best weeks I’ve had at university. :) It was just so happy and I love my friends here. 

This is more of a to-do list for myself until I actually write it down on paper, don’t mind me! But I’m so excited to GET AHEAD on stuff this week.
I’m going to finish all of MacGamut ear training assignments. Kendra and I have a bet that I’m pretty sure involves cake..and I don’t want to buy her a cake.
I’m also going to do the next two theory assignments and review EVERYTHING for my midterm right when we get back.
I’m going to decide on a topic for my music history research project, and do the readings for this week and the week after reading week.
For English I’m going to read as many of the works for the second half of the semester as I can! AND I will learn my four piano pieces so I don’t have to practice.

AND practice 3-4 hours a day minimum.
Okay, sure. It’ll be crazy busy, but then I won’t be going insane when reading week is over.
I’m excited.  

Oh deaaar.

My teacher wants me to find “as many recordings as I possibly can” of the pieces I’m using for my auditions, and that that “should be enough.”
It’s kind of funny that as many as I can possibly find, she considers to be satisfactory hahaha.

But I can only find 3 decent recordings of the Spohr first movement! Sabine Meyer, Ernst Ottensamer (Both recordings are just extraordinary) and one other one on YouTube. Oh dear. 

I worked today for THREE HOURS on JUST the runs from Spohr Concerto. That’s like 3 hours on less than 50 measures of music in one day.

Tomorrow I think I’m going to work on the piece as a whole and add more character to it for and hour and a half, then work on the runs/fluidity of Premiere Rhapsodie for an hour and a half. Then technique for an hour if I can. TONGUING god dammit. 

That is all :)  

I dare you to find someone cooler than me.

Practicing Mozart on the bassethorn on a Saturday night…
I finally figured out which reed/mouthpiece combination makes me sound less like a rusty squeezebox.